The ultimate comprehensive iPad4 rumor roundup!

With the „new iPad“ just announced, rumors of features for the next iteration of Apples magic device are emerging. I’ve collected them all and put them together in this comprehensive list. Feel free to contact me, if any new rumors are on the rise.


Extreme likely:

  • Unlimited battery life due new Quantumfluctuationextractor called AQ1
  • New A6X chip with 80 cores
  • Unlimited storage capacity due quantum entanglement with the iCloud
  • Induction carger: Charges the electrical gadgets near you. (Beware, could toast Android Devices)
  • All new iMovie (again)
  • Active Corners
  • Openable with your old iFixit iPad-Opener *updated*


  • 4k Laser-Projector. (Just trash your TV)
  • M8 Ball: iCloud based predictions for the near future
  • Shelfs in brushed aluminum
  • A really working iWork-Version
  • No Homebutton
  • flexible size. 7″-20″ (Just the size you might need, resolution may adapt in future versions)

Not likely:

  • Warp core as battery (due the need for dilithium and antimatter, which would have to be changed from time to time, leave that crap to Android & Windows Phone 7 devices)
  • Fusion-reactor (same reasons as warp core and it provides not nearly enough power to support the mayan version auf Siri) *updated*
  • Brain-to-iCloud interface
  • Porn-apps
  • Liquidmetal spirit level
  • More than 64GB onboard memory