If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Forget what we’re told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that’s bursting into life

All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes, they’re all I can see

– Snow Patrol, „Chasing Cars“

The ultimate comprehensive iPad4 rumor roundup!

With the „new iPad“ just announced, rumors of features for the next iteration of Apples magic device are emerging. I’ve collected them all and put them together in this comprehensive list. Feel free to contact me, if any new rumors are on the rise.


Extreme likely:

  • Unlimited battery life due new Quantumfluctuationextractor called AQ1
  • New A6X chip with 80 cores
  • Unlimited storage capacity due quantum entanglement with the iCloud
  • Induction carger: Charges the electrical gadgets near you. (Beware, could toast Android Devices)
  • All new iMovie (again)
  • Active Corners
  • Openable with your old iFixit iPad-Opener *updated*


  • 4k Laser-Projector. (Just trash your TV)
  • M8 Ball: iCloud based predictions for the near future
  • Shelfs in brushed aluminum
  • A really working iWork-Version
  • No Homebutton
  • flexible size. 7″-20″ (Just the size you might need, resolution may adapt in future versions)

Not likely:

  • Warp core as battery (due the need for dilithium and antimatter, which would have to be changed from time to time, leave that crap to Android & Windows Phone 7 devices)
  • Fusion-reactor (same reasons as warp core and it provides not nearly enough power to support the mayan version auf Siri) *updated*
  • Brain-to-iCloud interface
  • Porn-apps
  • Liquidmetal spirit level
  • More than 64GB onboard memory

Besonderheiten bei symbolischen Links unter OSX 10.7

Dropbox bietet uns eine gute Möglichkeit Dateien und Einstellungen oft genutzter Programme über mehrere Rechner zu synchronisieren. Ein wichtiges Werkzeug unter OSX und anderen unixoiden Betriebssytemen ist dabei das erstellen von symbolischen Links via Terminal (Oder unter OSX mit geeigneten Services).

ln -s SourceDirectory TargetDirectory

Mit symbolischen Links lassen sich interessante Sachen machen, aber auch viel Unsinn. Im Versuch das Betriebsystem sicherer zu machen scheint sich Apple der Sache angenommen zu haben, denn ab OS X 10.7 Lion hat das symbolische Linken hin und wieder seine Tücken.
Aufgefallen ist mir das, als ich einen Symlink aus den Documents zum Desktop haben wollte. Egal in welche Richtung, hier erzeugt OSX immer einen Alias, statt einem echten Symlink. Das Verhalten war auch dem Genius im Apple-Store unbekannt, doch mit vereinter Neugier sind wir der Sache auf den Grund gegangen.
Nach einigen Tests stellte sich heraus, das dieses Verhalten weder von mangelnden Rechten verursacht wurde, noch von einer Fehlfunktion im OS. Es scheint als verhindere OSX 10.7 das symbolische Linken auf/in Systemverzeichnisse wie Desktop, Documents, Library, etc.
Als Root werde ich das noch testen, zumindest verhält sich OSX, wohl zum Schutz, unter Admin-Rechten so.

Solltet ihr doch keine SymLinks in den Dropboxordner erstellen können versucht dessen Rechte folgendermaßen wieder so zu setzen das Symlinks in die Dropbox möglich sind:

$ cd ~
# Vorausgesetzt der Dropboxordner ist direkt im Userverzeichnis ~
$ ls -l
drwx------@ XX username staff YYYY hh:mm Dropbox
# die Rechte passen nicht aufs Schema:
# drwxr-xr-x
# folgendes Kommando setzt die neuen Rechte:
$ chmod a+rx Dropbox

Are You an Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You

Chances are you have already heard something about who anarchists are and what they are supposed to believe. Chances are almost everything you have heard is nonsense. Many people seem to think that anarchists are proponents of violence, chaos, and destruction, that they are against all forms of order and organization, or that they are crazed nihilists who just want to blow everything up. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Anarchists are simply people who believe human beings are capable of behaving in a reasonable fashion without having to be forced to. It is really a very simple notion. But it’s one that the rich and powerful have always found extremely dangerous.

At their very simplest, anarchist beliefs turn on to two elementary assumptions. The first is that human beings are, under ordinary circumstances, about as reasonable and decent as they are allowed to be, and can organize themselves and their communities without needing to be told how. The second is that power corrupts. Most of all, anarchism is just a matter of having the courage to take the simple principles of common decency that we all live by, and to follow them through to their logical conclusions. Odd though this may seem, in most important ways you are probably already an anarchist— you just don’t realize it.

Let’s start by taking a few examples from everyday life:

If there’s a line to get on a crowded bus, do you wait your turn and refrain from elbowing your way past others even in the absence of police?

If you answered “yes”, then you are used to acting like an anarchist! The most basic anarchist principle is self- organization: the assumption that human beings do not need to be threatened with prosecution in order to be able to come to reasonable understandings with each other, or to treat each other with dignity and respect.

Everyone believes they are capable of behaving reasonably themselves. If they think laws and police are necessary, it is only because they don’t believe that other people are. But if you think about it, don’t those people all feel exactly the same way about you? Anarchists argue that almost all the anti-social behavior which makes us think it’s necessary to have armies, police, prisons, and governments to control our lives, is actually caused by the systematic inequalities and injustice those armies, police, prisons and governments make possible. It’s all a vicious circle. If people are used to being treated like their opinions do not matter, they are likely to become angry and cynical, even violent—which of course makes it easy for those in power to say that their opinions do not matter. Once they understand that their opinions really do matter just as much as anyone else’s, they tend to become remarkably understanding. To cut a long story short: anarchists believe that for the most part it is power itself, and the effects of power, that make people stupid and irresponsible.

Are you a member of a club or sports team or any other voluntary organization where decisions are not imposed by one leader but made on the basis of general consent?

If you answered “yes”, then you belong to an organization which works on anarchist principles! Another basic anarchist principle is voluntary association. Are You an Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You weiterlesen